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Sad, so sad.

So, Miyuki Kanbe died of heart failure a few days ago, age 24.

I hear she had an eating disorder, but who knows when you're hearing things over the internet. I am...shocked. A year younger than me and now she's dead. I really used to love her to bits, I still remember meeting her and all the joking about me being 'kakkoi', and me being amazed that such a beautiful person could exist and walking away and tears coming to my eyes because I was so overwhelmed with it all. You'd think that such a bright, happy, dazzling person would have the world at her feet and actually she's been desperately sick for over a year, if not more. I wish I'd sent her a fan letter when I had the chance. I wish there had been something I could have done. In the end she was just a kid in a big, showbiz world.

I never knew. So sad, so sad.
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