New Year's


New Year's was (mostly) fun. We bussed down to London to see the fireworks + generally imbibe the atmosphere. Gerard and I left about 1pm, had a dramatic race to the Swatch 'megastore' before it closed at 4pm so I could get Gerard the Swatch he wanted, and then meandered around the Covent Gardens market area until we met Katya, Helena, and Katya's friend Julia at around 6pm. I also tried a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks, which was surprisingly tasty. At any rate, after we met up we looked around Leicester Square for a decent but not too expensive restaurant. Luckily, we found one just as it began to rain heavily. I'd say the food was good, except apparently it gave me FOOD POISONING, as I was to dicover later in the evening/early morning. After the restaurant we walked past Trafalgar Square to look at the giant Christmas tree, took some photos in front of Westminster Abbey, and were planning on seeing more than one end of Buckingham Palace but alas, it was closed off. We then walked to a pub down near the river and made fun of the top floor music ('Laidback Tunes For A Night In' - their words, not mine), which was so ludicrously inappropriate for late night New Year's Eve in a pub in the middle of central London that it had us in stitches every time the next maudlin, depressing ballad came on. It didn't take long to convince us that they were either a) trying to encourage the suicidal to go now, before life got even worse, or b) trying to convince everyone that this year was so horrible that things could only get better. Then we convinced Gerard to pose with stuff on his head, ala his favourite rabbit. Good times.

We left the pub a bit late, largely thanks to Helena's friends not showing up, so our firework watching position wasn't the best, but it was still pretty impressive. We were right near the bridge, which was literally crammed full with thousands and thousands of people. Afterwards we walked back towards Victoria Station and pedestrians had completely taken over the roads, along with cars that were beeping in a complete (and intentional) cacophony. Helena left us at Victoria Station, and then we waited for a while for the next Oxford Tube to turn up, since bizarrely the virtually empty one that was there when we arrived merrily sailed off while refusing to open its doors. The ride back was kind of disgusting because I swear one of the children behind us wet their pants, which stunk, but at least we left just in time before the rain began. Gerard and I got chips, cheese and garlic sauce from a kebab van on the way home, which I soon regretted after I arrived home and started repeatedly throwing up. Mmm, intense stomach pain and extended shivering in a corner of the bathroom floor next to the toilet, just the way you want to begin every New Year, right? Eventually I lapsed into unconsciousness and I feel a lot better today, if a bit weird in the stomach. Damn you restaurant chicken. Gerard has been very sweet though, making me soup and letting me lounge around in bed.

I hope everyone else is having an excellent 2007.


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Arrow's 'Big List of Things To Do Before I Die' - Part 67

Attend dance party with stobe lights in 16th century college building - check.
Eat best Turkish Delight icecream in all of world - check.
Dance on tables in 16th century building - check.
Do the cancan on tables in 16th century building - yep, check.
Dance around stripper pole in centre of 16th century college building under portraits of academics/monks - check.
Spill vodka and cranberry juice all over self - check.
Sexually harass boyfriend on tables in 16th century building - check.
Make self sick eating chocolate cake with super rich Dutch chocolate icecream - check.
Get someone in headlock and bodily drag them to dance around stripper pole in centre of 16th century college building under portraits of academics/monks - check.
Play the Pelican Game - check.

Bonus: Do hokey pokey with 100+ people in centre of 16th century courtyard - check.

Jolly good few days, really.

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God I'm decadent. xD Woke up this morning and had a delicious breakfast of English bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast, followed by a good lie around in bed and finished up with a slice of toasty warm treacle tart. I am so going to regret this later, but mmmm, oh boy, that treacle tart, I haven't had one in years!

In my favour, I did wash the dishes. >_>;

England is pretty good so far. For some reason - perhaps jetlag - I've been sleeping a lot more than usual. Like, I wake up at 9am, get up for an hour or two, go back to bed at 11am, get up around midday, mess around for a few hours and by 4 or 5pm I'm ready for bed again. O.o By 9pm I'm just DEAD. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it, although it is rather nice to have a break. I'm sure I'll remember it with fondness when I actually have to start working again, which should be soon.

Oh well, back to lounging around. XP
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Here I am.

Well, here I am in Oxford, typing on possibly the world's largest computer screen. I'm not terribly fond of this keyboard though, so I don't think this will be a long entry.

I arrived in England early on Friday morning. The flight was pretty good, all things considered. I had the holy grail of seats, being both a window and a seat with tons of leg space. I also had a row of three seats to myself for half the trip, despite the flight supposedly being full. Win.

Oxford has been a bit overwhelming so far. I sat in on Gerard's logic lecture earlier today and did a bit of wandering in town. It doesn't quite feel real so far. Currently I am at the MCR being anti-social and checking my email for the first time since I flew out of Sydney.

Anyway, better go!
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Busy day.

I just have a massive, MASSIVE amount of stuff to do today. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. I spent just about all of the afternoon picking up drycleaning and visiting the travel agent and getting my boots re-heeled and talking to Centrelink and contacting my referees and...well, you get the idea. Lots of things to do. x_x I've barely started packing as well. Eeek.

No love to the 'friend' who I ran into and barely acknowledged my existence, but left me standing around awkwardly for about five minutes staring at his back as he chatted to someone else. Yeah, thanks, a "Sorry, I can't talk now, but have a good trip!" would have been nice instead of just ignoring me and letting me stand there until I left, but I guess that's just too fucking much to ask nowadays when you're about to leave the country. Which reminds me, I desperately need to do a LJ friends cull when I get to England. To do list note.

I'm bussing out tomorrow at 9am and I'll be getting on my flight at about 5.30pm. I'm a bit fuzzy on when I'll actually get to England, but I dare say I'll be out of action for a while as far as online stuff goes. Many apologies to people whose birthdays/anniversaries/etc. I'm probably going to miss.

Anyway, I gotta go get ready for Gerard's friend coming over to take out my harddrives. Moving when I'm this tired is haaaard.
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Won't be available online for a few days. If you want me, call me or email me and I'll deal with it when I can. I also will not be able to keep up with Friends Page posts for a while.

Please note: Consider this a warning that I am not in a good mood right now. Annoying me may well have the very unfortunate consequence of getting your face bitten off. Exceptions are made if you are vodkabath, tiggertailz or tabbichan.

That is all.
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I swear there is something funny about this top of mine.

I actually found it in my cupboard the other week, it was one of the tops I used to wear often a couple of years ago, but then abandoned in my fickleness. It's a pretty standard black short-sleeved skivvy thing, nothing fancy. But since I found it, every time I wear it I seem to get chronically hit on.

The first time I wore it I was getting truckies screaming and honking at me along Northbourne Avenue. Coincidentally, my male tutor was also very, very nice to me. 'Meh', thought I. The second time I wore it and there was similar harmless ogling. "?", thought I. The third time I wore it was today. I was walking into uni down Barry Drive and I heard some yelling, so I looked around in utter confusion to see some guy on a bike careering down the middle of the road. This guy dodges his way between traffic across the road, leaps off his bike, and starts babbling about how as soon as he saw me he knew we were meant to be and he could tell that I was amazing and special and starts asking about my life plans.

Me: ._. Uh, I'm moving to England at the end of the year.
Him: Why are you moving to England?
Me: ._. My boyfriend is going to university there, at Oxford.
Him: *teh wounded face* What is he studying?
Me: Uh, philosophy.
Him: So what are you going to do to save the world?
Me: ...I haven't really worked that out yet.
Him: Oh, well, nice to meet you.
Me: x_x *flees*

...Dude, it's cute that you like me and all, but I would prefer that you didn't get hit by a car on my account. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's death.

Maybe it's like, a top only I can see, and for everyone else I'm just wearing a bra. That would explain a few things. =/
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Back from Melbourne.

Currently in an insomnia holding pattern. I got back from Melbourne at around 11.30pm, and since then I've pretty much been pottering around trying not to think about anything significant lest it crush me. Which is difficult when everything I look at reminds me of how thoroughly difficult the next month or two is going to be. Realistically, I couldn't afford to lose this weekend, but also realistically, I'm just going to have to bloody well deal with it.

Manifest was pretty good, actually. Didn't overspend, but got a few nice pieces of merch (yay Ichigo Mashimaro mousepad!). Saw very little of the actual convention due to me not having a great deal of time (combined with really horrible signage on Manifest's behalf), but that was basically fine with me. I've done the Australian con circuit to death, and I'm generally quite happy as long as I get to chat to a few people I'm fond of throughout the weekend. I also got to try two new flavours of Ramune (Peach and Melon), which was a definite bonus.

Gerard flew out for England at about 11pm this evening. I cried, several times, because I'm a wimp. It really feels like I'm saying goodbye to my support pillars one by one. Trying to trust that everything will turn out for the best just isn't working out for me right now.

Edit: Didn't get around to posting this last night, so I'm going to do it now.

Die, you grandiloquent pigs.

This, this is what I fuckin' have to deal with:

"Recent studies point to the need for improved understanding of environmental management frameworks designed to combine qualitative public and quantitative technical inputs in decision-making processes. Flux in public perception and concern about risks imply frameworks must be iterative in nature and incorporate a variety of assessment triggers in the form of decision points. A conceptual model is proposed here to explain the de facto operation of standard risk analytic frameworks within the broader sociopolitical milieu of public policy. The model is presented as a decision flow diagram that emphasizes setting environmental management goals based on societal input and the formulation of decision criteria for selecting management actions to achieve those goals. Prospective and retrospective decision control points operate to select management options that, respectively, avoid or reduce actual or predicted effects."

Even better when it's in big bright red text. I bloody hate you, academics who are purposely rhetorically obscure in order to make yourselves feel smarter. After eight hours or so of study, on the edge of midnight, YOUR CRAP BREAKS MY BRAIN YOU ASSHOLES! AARGH!
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